Historically, mining has had to adapt to the changes in operational conditions. Likewise, the interaction between supplier and end user has developed in such manner as to change from a transactional relationship into one of cooperation. This allows suppliers to become a relevant actor at the site in order to achieve the objectives. At Verne, we are in an ongoing quest to add value to our products by developing services adapted to the needs of the customers, with the purpose of becoming the “top of mind” supplier in business lines we develop our activities.



At Verne, we define ourselves by our capacity to satisfy requirements through “Sourcing” ahd through the “Smart Mining” approach. We therefore develop tools and technological products aimed at increasing productivity, reducing operational costs and improving personnel safety conditions.



We have alliances with universitites and laboratorios for the development of Solutions and tailored projects.



Our expertise in logistics enables us to provide a wide range of product delivery conditions, in response to the terms requested by customers. Some services are: complete control of imports and custom clearance, inventory management and management of the local stock of products, among others.



We provide advisory and on-site followup on our products, as well as performance measurement and inspection and process control services



We know the importance of environmental impacts produced by the industry and their mitigations. That is why we have a line of products and services focused on treatment and control of water evaporation.

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